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Since the inception of the company in 1997; HRPM, apart from providing the normal HR services has also undertook and successfully accomplished several re-structuring projects for companies in the Klang Valley. In brief, the projects are :

Domino Pizza Malaysia
Started up the human resource department for the Company.
Bimakarsa Sdn Bhd
Successfully turnaround an ailing company within a period of 18 months.

SJ Securities Sdn Bhd
Successfully streamlined the non-core business activities of the company, implemented the salary cut and retrenchment exercise.

Paul Penders Sdn Bhd
Reengineered the work process of the operation/manufacturing department of the company.

Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Sdn Bhd
Implemented retrenchment exercise and successfully completed the project without any legal dispute.

Renong Solutions and subsidiaries
Within three months, re-structured the whole organization, implemented new employment benefits and grading structure, and executed manpower realignment exercise company wide without any legal dispute.
Shahabudin Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Successfully re-structured the company, re-aligning its business focus and developed the overall operational standards which includes staffing, compensation structure, grading, salary scales and etc. Today, the company has expanded its operation from one outlet to five.
EPNCR Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Streamlined the whole organization. Developed its HRM policies, employment terms, compensation structure, job grading and salary scale, redesigned its performance management system/tool and executed its implementation by phases.
First Mobile Group Sdn Bhd (FMG)
Successfully restructured the whole organization. Developed its HRM policies, employment terms, compensation structure, job grading and salary scale, major involvement in implementation phases and facilitate its listing in Hong Kong.
Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3)
A three months study on its non-core activities (HR, Finance, Administration and IT department). Involves re-engineering of internal work processes, employee profiling, departmental evaluation (on strengths and weaknesses), department re-structuring and evaluation of employees' compensation structure.
Sari Group of Companies
Restructured the whole organization, conducted manpower audit, streamlined its HRM practices and procedures and provided advisory services on its VSS plans.
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